Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Contribute to for IPA

Hey there Process True Believers! In the not too distant past, ININ has made a slick new website available for posting, voting and collaborating on ideas for their products: the not so cryptically named!

Of course the site is only open to employees, partners and customers. If you're among the few and the proud, please get on ideas if you're not already there.

Interaction Process Automation has its very own topic, which you can find along the right column when you login. I've posted several IPA ideas myself this evening, which are all aimed at effencies:
  1. Process Variable requests
  2. Button action to minimize a Work Item back to My Work Items just like clicking x
  3. Reason not required when you Cancel a process in Test mode
  4. Select the data in the next field of a Work Item when tab is used to move between fields
Feel free to comment/expand on them and add your own ideas.

Happy Processing!

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