Sunday, April 28, 2013

IPA Tech Discussion Added Interactions 2013 Agenda

Hi Gang! Quick note to let everyone know we've added an IPA session to Interactions 2013 that won't make the printed agenda. Much thanks and props to the rockstars on the Conference Team!

Thursday May 16th: IPA Technical Roundtable
Hosts: Geoff Calhoun and Rick McGlinchey
Room: 200
9:00 until 10:15-ish (to give folks time to get to the must see"Where we are going" session with the Don.

Target Audience: Ideally those who have worked with Interaction Processor Automation in some way, shape or fashion. We had a little internal session back in December and everyone involved found the it beneficial to get together to share some ideas and lessons learned.

The numbers in the IPA community are relatively small but growing, and we're all still very much in the learning phase as we get experience and develop design principles and best practices around improving the experience with the product.

All the better if you have had your hands in Process Automation Designer, or have at least taken one of the IPA courses, but those certainly aren't required. We'll try to grab some of the ININ folks who work with IPA as well.

Goal is to let folks as questions and have everyone share lessons learned about IPA. Very informal and you're sure to learn something!

I'll also be co-presenting at these two sessions. There's lots more to learn with IPA, to be found in the agenda for Interactions 2013.

Wednesday May 15th: Looking to automate business processes? Start here!
Geoff Calhoun and Rick McGlinchey
1:45 to 2:30 in White River Ballroom I‐J

Automating business processes is a daunting task and can lead to many questions. Which process should we automate first? How to map out a new process? Is there anyone who can help us? Get the answer to these questions and more as we explore process automation best practices to help your business gain productivity and cut costs.

Wednesday May 15th: Interaction Process Automation (IPA) Technical Best Practices
Rick McGlinchey & Jason Loucks, Senior Business Process Template Developer, Interactive Intelligence
4:45 to 5:30 in Grand Ballroom 7

IPA is an amazingly flexible tool for process automation. Come learn design best practices from seasoned IPA process developers. They will walk though how to use IPA’s features and explain concepts such as using database driven design to help you get the most from your IPA processes. This will be an interactive session; we want to hear from other process developers. What tricks have you used and what obstacles are you trying to overcome?

Jason and I did this session at Interactions 2012, which was standing room only. Jason has been working with the product as partner, customer and now ININ since the 90's and has mad technical skillz. Make sure to get there early to get a seat!

Some conference suggestions:

  1. Download the conference app - it's pretty slick and easy to pick the sessions you want to create your own schedule. If you would like to get in touch, it has a message application built in for conference attendees.
  2. Bring an extra layer of clothing, like a sweater or lightweight jacket. Temps vary in the hotel and sessions.
  3. Be prepared to learn lots and HAVE FUN!!!

See you soon at Interactions 2013! Until then...

Happy Processing!

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